Pats Care provides the best of support to all our staff. We take pride in not only meeting the needs of the clients who are being cared for but also our staff. We are proud of the diversity our company provides. Each member of our staff is a valuable member and we make sure you are valued. If you have the passion and love to help others you are looking at the
most rewarding work you will do.

At Pats Care, we pride ourselves on providing continuing education for our caregivers. We regularly participate with in-person training from the best trainers. All our staff undergo training every year once and initial training before they begin working with us.

Delivering a tailored care plan with a person centered support approach is the Pats Care Services way 

We offer practical home help for the elderly, those with disabilities, with mental illness, and anyone who struggles to get practical tasks done in the household. Housework may become more difficult to do, or take much longer.
We support by assisting, or doing practical tasks which may include: 

Who are you, and who are we in your life? 

What can we do together to achieve a better life for you now, and in the future?
Person centered planning is a process of continual listening, and learning; focused on what is important to someone now, and for the future; and acting upon this in alliance with their family and friends. 

How we apply our person centered approach 

A Pats Care Services care plan is created by listening and understanding what is important to the individual we are supporting. We also involve their loved ones, and other health and care professionals as needed so that we can work together.
We all think about, and plan our lives in different ways; some people have clear ideas about what they want to do and how they want to achieve it, whereas others may not and decide as they go along. It is important that we help everyone achieve their goals in the way they want to.
We spend time regularly talking with our customers and reviewing goals and outcomes, we can change care planning as and when required. This approach ensures that we are always helping in a way the best reflects their needs and wishes.

The five key features of person centered planning 

We are committed to delivering the objectives and five key features of Person Centered Planning, which are: 

The customer is always at the center of the whole process; their rights and ability to make informed choices being integral to this. 

Family members and friends are full partners; their contribution and value is recognized and invited. 

Services are delivered in the context of the life each customer chooses, both now and in their future; recognizing the valuable contribution each person can make to their chosen community. 

There is a shared commitment to recognizing and acting upon each person’s rights. 

The process is organic; it will grow and change according to the needs and aspirations of each person and the rate of change and growth will be determined by them. 

Personalized dementia care at home services to support those with the condition to continue living in their own homes

Over 800,000 people in the UK have a form of dementia, and 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will have the condition. Almost everybody will know of someone with dementia. It’s important that the right support and care is available for those who have dementia, and for those who are living with or caring for a loved one with dementia. Through our reliable dementia care service, we support people with dementia to continue living at home safely. We also support their families through what is a tough time. Our staff are trained to deal with the challenging behaviors that may come with dementia progression with care, compassion and professionalism.

How we help 

Our dementia care workers receive specialist training for dementia care and dementia awareness, they understand how the condition affects the individual, their family, and those around them.
With our person centered approach, we ensure that we don’t just meet the needs of the individual we support but also the whole family.
We can help people to live well with dementia by helping with things like:

Meaningful activities in the day 

Getting out and about in the community 

Personal home care 

Practical help at home 

Help with managing medicines 

Respite care services so that those caring for a loved one with dementia can take a break 

Emotional support for the whole family 

What other dementia care services are available? 

Here at Pats Care Services we can support those affected by dementia, we do this by providing practical and emotional support. We can also help with meaningful activities and outings.
There are also many local organizations offering specialist activities to help support and boost an individual’s self-esteem.
Singing for the brain is provided by the Alzheimer’s Society and offers singing to people with dementia in a warm and stimulating surrounding. They are located throughout the UK and usually take place in churches and village halls.
Memory Cafes offer advice and support from trained volunteers. It is a chance to exchange experiences and support with others who have dementia. It is a great opportunity to meet to new people.
Dementia Adventure provides short holidays and day trips throughout the UK specifically designed for those with dementia; it is a great way to spend quality time with your carer or a loved one.

Find out how we can help you today… 

If you would like a chat, or more information about our practical home help, you can contact Pats Care Services team to discuss your requirements at a time that suits you. 

Respite care services 

Respite care ensures taking a break has never been so easy… 

As an informal or family carer most of your time and energy is spent caring and supporting a loved one. It is important for you to take regular breaks by using respite care so that you can enjoy a rest, take a break and recognize the importance of taking time out for yourself.
At Pats Care Services, we understand this as many of our respite care workers have been through the very same thing, and that is what drove them to join us; their passion for supporting those who are in the same situation that they have been in.

Retaining your wellbeing and sense of personal identity 

It can be hard to let go and let someone else care for your loved one, but respite care is vital to your wellbeing. Getting some time to yourself helps to retain your own sense of identity, you can have the time to recharge, and feel like you are also living life to the full.
We can support you with respite care workers whilst you go out and meet friends, have a holiday, or just go and have some space to yourself.
You can rely on Pats Care Services to care for your loved one with compassion, and integrity. This all comes with the reassurance of a company with two decades of experience in delivering the highest standard in home care. 

Carer’s assessment 

You may be entitled to receive funding to get a break, you can ask authority social services team for a carer’s assessment.
Social services will be able to discuss with you and assess any help required that would maintain your own health and wellbeing, and balancing your caring responsibilities with other aspects of your life, such as work and family.
The assessment is used to decide what help to provide. 


What does respite care provide? 

You may be entitled to receive funding to get a break, you can ask authority social Respite carers provide an array of services including accompanying on social outings and special events, attending medical appointments, and help with housekeeping.
Our respite carers can also provide personal care such as helping with personal appearance and personal hygiene, and practical help around the home.

Direct Payments 

You can use Direct Payments to pay for our respite care service. Find out more…
Find out how we can help you to take a break today…
If you would like a chat, or more information about our respite care services you can contact Pats Care Services team to discuss your requirements at a time that suits you. 

Supporting ongoing care needs with flexible long term care at home 

There are times when home care and support needs are more permanent and by providing long term care within the home and community setting, we often provide families and their loved ones with the option of staying at home rather than go into nursing homes or residential care.
Our highly trained home carers can support with practical help at home, personal home care, and more complex and intensive care needs for people who need long term care and support. Long term care requirements may include dementia care, palliative care, end of life care, ongoing disability or mental health support, stroke recovery, cancer treatment support, and other long term illnesses.

Get in touch with us today to find out how our long term care service can help you 

Preparing a relative for Long term care 

Long term health care for a friend or relative can be a daunting process but understanding the various levels of care can help you choose the most appropriate options. Selecting a facility can be overwhelming with so many questions to ask including affordability, location and services available. There are many options available such as home care, day programs, assisted living and nursing homes.
Here at Pats Care Services we provide support to help with the decision you choose for yourself or a loved one offering help with home adoptions and repairs such as walk in showers and disability access. 

Our practical home help service assists those who need help with day to day house work, meals, or getting out and about 

We offer practical home help for the elderly, those with disabilities, with mental illness, and anyone who struggles
to get practical tasks done in the household. Housework may become more difficult to do, or take much longer.
We support by assisting, or doing practical tasks which may include:

Vacuuming the home or cleaning floors 

Tidying and dusting 

General cleaning or one off cleaning tasks 

Preparing and cooking meals 

Doing the washing up 

Support with managing household bills 

Assistance with managing medicines 

Pet care like feeding, walking the dog, or cleaning pet homes and toilets
Many people combine some practical home help with some personal home care as often, it is both that are needed. 

Getting out and about 

We also help with arranging and planning a trip out, visits to friends and family, and support with social activities like attending a local coffee morning, social clubs, bingo, or the cinema.
If you or a loved one has an event to attend such as a wedding or a funeral and will need assistance throughout the day, we can help.
We understand that often, it is not just help at home that is needed but also friendship and companionship.